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RSD 1000


Наше Место, Belgrade
Saturday, July 13th
12:00 – 14:00


On Saturday, we will be playing Mafia 🖤

Even if your child doesn't know how to play Mafia, we will be waiting for them. It only takes five minutes to learn how to play! Easy rules - exciting game!

Don't forget to sign up and invite friends, because the more players at the table, the more fun!

📈Age: 9-18 years old 🏠Venue: Our Place 💰1000 rsd

To register for the event, message @Event_Masters

Don't forget about the promotions:

  1. Book Discount 📚Bring a book to bookcrossing - get a 10% discount (discounts do not stack)

  2. No Misses! If you attend Mafia three times in a row, the fourth one will be free!

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