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Exhibition 'Veljko Vučković: Wheels That Never Spin'

Drina Gallery, Belgrade
Thursday, July 25th
8:00 – 16:00


Drina Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Veljko Vučković's solo exhibition Wheels That Never Spin on Friday, June 21, at 7:00 PM, at Krunska 73, Belgrade, Serbia. Born in 1994, Veljko Vučković, this year's recipient of the prestigious Award for drawing from the Vladimir Veličković Foundation, will showcase the selection of twenty oil paintings of various sizes created over the past four years.

The appropriation and transformation of film clips are central to Vučković's work. Revitalizing information absorbed from films, the artist is primarily interested in creating paintings capable of evoking subtle associations with social and political events.

According to exhibition curator Nataša Radojević, Vučković's works do not provide a wealth of data—their communicative language is multivalent. As a result, viewers are never entirely certain in interpreting the object of the painting. The fact that it does not stop at a one-dimensional message leads us through the deconstruction of existing to the construction of new dimensions. His work resides in a floating interstice between the original context and the potential for alternative interpretations, facilitating mutual approximation of potential conclusions. Thus, the artist becomes an investigator in the process of creating the painting, while the viewer, absorbing its content, completes interpretations.

In his essay on Vučković's work, curator of Nigerian origin Azu Nwagbogu emphasized: The lens stands out as one of the most pivotal human inventions of the previous century, a tool that possesses the remarkable ability to capture, create, document, and archive artefacts of our time through cameras, films, and various new media technologies.

Rarely do we encounter paintings executed with such unwavering conviction and skill. 'Wheels that Never Spin' represents Vučković's exploration of an intricate dialogue that delves into the timeless progression of time. His paintings serve as artifacts of our era, seemingly spinning at a pace unparalleled in human history, yet embodying the enduring themes that persist.

BIOGRAPHY Veljko Vučković, born in Gornji Milanovac (Serbia) in 1994, completed his master's degree under the mentorship of Professor Nikola Božović in the Department of Applied Painting at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He finished his doctoral studies in 2023 under Professor Ivan Grubanov, focusing on 'After the Original—Painting Between Reproduction and Authenticity.' He currently works as a teaching assistant in Drawing and Painting at the same faculty. Vučković has exhibited his works in 17 solo exhibitions and over 100 group exhibitions at regional and international levels, earning numerous awards and accolades. His works are held in private and institutional collections both domestically and internationally. In 2024, he received the Vladimir Veličković Foundation Drawing Award in Serbia, as well as the Momčilo Moma Marković Award for Best Small-Format Drawing, the third prize from the Niš Art Foundation, and commendation from the jury at the 14th International Biennial of Miniature Art.

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