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Interactive Exhibition at Silos: Olympic Games – More than just sports

Sunday, June 16th

10:00 – 16:00



Leading up to the Olympic Games in Paris, the largest and most important sports event in the world, the spirit of Olympism is coming to our capital!

An extraordinary exhibition 'Olympic Games – More than just sports!', which combines sport, art, and education, will be held from June 7 to June 23, 2024, at the Silos in Belgrade, organized by the Serbian Olympic Committee – Olympic Museum and Gaia Movement.

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

New holographic technologies, exciting Olympic posters, ceremonial uniforms, treasure hunts, mascots, quizzes, workshops, unforgettable moments, will introduce visitors to the Olympic movement whose greatness and significance exceed sports competitions and records.

Particularly attractive will be the holobox that will, with the help of new technologies, take visitors on relay races with Olympic torches that have passed through our country several times, carrying the Olympic flame as a symbol of peace and friendship among all peoples and nations of the world, which is the essence of the Olympic spirit, and also the central theme of the exhibition. The best visual artists and graphic designers from around the world have participated in the creation of mascots, posters, and pictograms for the Olympic Games, thus combining sport and art, tradition and contemporary culture, which the audience at the Silos will see through the development of the brand's identity.

Every Olympic Games opening ceremony also represents a kind of fashion show, so a special segment of the exhibition will be dedicated to the ceremonial uniforms that our athletes proudly wore during the 112-year history of Olympism in our country.

Serbian athletes made their debut at the Olympic Games in 1912, and the exhibition 'Olympic Games – More than just sports!' will also present numerous historical photographs, videos, and items that will be showcased through the Virtual Olympic Museum.

Through a lexicon, the favorite book of memories, we will also get acquainted with the Serbian athletes participating in the qualifications for the Paris Games and find out what music they listen to, how they prepare, and generally what drives them in their daily struggle with their own records.

Visitors will learn what life is like in the Olympic village and what is in the bags of our Olympians. All interested parties will be able to leave a message for our athletes on a specially designed wall of wishes, and those with an adventurous spirit will be able to ride a bike through the host city of the XXXIII Summer Olympic Games. The significance of the Olympic movement will also be presented through the International Olympic Committee's strategy 'Olympism 365', and during the exhibition, a popular 'treasure hunt' and Olympic quiz will be organized.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a specially designed program for all generations: guided tours, creative workshops through the 'Olympic Hour', Talks with Champions, eco-workshops of the Children's Ecological Academy, panel discussions by the 'Women and Sport' commission of the Serbian Olympic Committee on the topics: 'Olympic Champions Then and Now' and 'What comes after Olympic gold?', the promotion of the book 'The Rings of Berlin 1936' by author Tamara Malešev, as well as the marking of the 40th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

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