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RSD 600

Children's Play "The River Mermaid" 5+

Sunday, May 19th

18:00 – 18:45



Beautiful girl Laura lives in a humble fishing village on the banks of the Rhine River. Everyone is in love with her, enchanted by her beautiful voice and her singing. One day, she meets a young count and finds her true love. The young count does not keep his promise and vow of faithfulness to love Laura because of his mother, the old countess. When she learns that the young count is engaged to a young duchess, the unhappy and desperate Laura tries to jump into the river, but the God of the Rhine River, using her despair, draws her to his side and transforms her into a mermaid. The wicked God Rhine wants mankind to suffer. The mermaid Lorelei, with her enchanting songs, lures bargemen, sailors, and merchants to their deaths. But...when she sees her father's boat and her beloved young count approaching a dangerous rock, Laura feels mercy again and asks the God of the Rhine to save their lives. The angry God Rhine transforms the two lovers into seagulls, whose souls remain together forever. The power of love between the two lovers destroys the evil God Rhine, and their sparks of love, as the legend says, still live on the rock.

For teens, For kids

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