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RSD 2500


Friday, May 24th

20:00 – 21:00



The most popular electro-acoustic pop band in the region, DETOUR, is coming back to Belgrade to perform on May 24th at BitefArtCafe club. Detour emerged as a continuation of the band Yammat, and since 2006, they have been performing under their current name. Their third album 'A što ak' ja...' became a breakthrough in the band's career, securing them the title of 'Flagship of new wave pop' and the Porin award for the best pop album in 2014. Their originality and creativity continue to this day, and their singles like 'Šarena', 'Slavlje', 'Hawaii', and 'Klaun' confirm this. Now, this popular band gives us the opportunity to enjoy their hits live. Their power lies not only in their newest hits but also in the songs from earlier days, such as unforgettable tracks like 'Ljeto počinje', 'Mjesec', 'Gledano sa strane', and 'Prijatelj' that featured on their first two studio albums.

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