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SpiritINC Alcohol Company

We produce liqueurs and we do it with love. Presenting our already beloved lineup:

1️⃣ DRAMA QUEEN 25% (strawberry/grapefruit/spicy pepper): DRAMA QUEEN is an incredible combination of vibrant strawberry sweetness, tangy grapefruit, and spicy pepper. This liqueur is skillfully balanced and leaves a unique aftertaste. 2️⃣ BARBARELLA 28.5% (raspberry/ginger/rosehip): Barbarella is a seductive blend of juicy raspberry, tart rosehip, and spicy ginger. Each sip is a journey into a world of flavors and pleasure. 3️⃣ SPOTEKNIVAČ 29% (forest berries/pear/prune): SPOTEKNIVAČ is a luxurious blend of juicy prune, vibrant pear, and tangy garden berries with the warm spiciness of cinnamon. This liqueur is a true symphony of flavors. 4️⃣ AQUA DE VITA 37.5% (herbal bitter with citrus notes): Aqua de vita is a unique herbal bitter with bright citrus notes. This drink will transport you to the fjords and immerse you in Scandinavian culture. 5️⃣ LJUTE PAPRIČICE 31.5% (pepper vodka): LJUTE PAPRIČICE is a fiery and bold liqueur created from a mix of sweet and spicy peppers. It will awaken your senses.

We operate in Novi Sad and Belgrade. Delivery and pickup points are available.

We also offer alcohol catering services. If your soul craves a celebration but you don't feel like making cocktails, we can solve this problem for you.

You can also order a unique liqueur tailored to your taste. Describe your wishes, and we will make them come true for you.

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Telegram: spirit_inc_srb Instagram: spirit_inc_srb Phone: +3811211326 All messengers are linked to this phone number.

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