About Us

Welcome to our promotion platform, specializing in organizing and promoting events and services in Serbia. We aim to publish unforgettable events and offer a wide range of services for our clients. Our goal is to help bring your ideas to life and make each event unique and successful.

Polako Hedonist Features

  • Online ticket purchase
  • Aggregation of all events in the Balkans on one platform
  • Quick creation of events of any format
  • Caring support
  • Convenient filters

Event Aggregation and Filtering Features

  • Convenient event calendar
  • Filters for selecting interesting events for everyone
    • by company organizers
    • by cities and countries
    • by event language
  • Event page with detailed description and links to your resources

Promotional services

  • Creating advertising texts to attract the attention of your target audience and maintain interest.
  • Creating posters to convey atmosphere and concept.
  • Creating videos and reels to deliver key information and generate interest.

Coming Soon

  • User's personal platform account
  • Page "Interesting Location"
  • Ticket Purchase

We are an information platform that deals with advertising publications