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Opera Hackaton

Sunday, July 14th

18:00 – 19:00


Prehistoric opera at the site of the first organized settlement in Europe! ⛏️🎵

We invite you to Lepenski Vir, where on July 11th, a unique music and stage performance of the Prehistoric Opera will have its premiere! This is a preview, with the official premiere taking place on July 14th at Dorćol Platz!

The concept is that each guest is also a participant, entry is free, but you need to register at the following link

This musical spectacle inspired by Lepenski Vir will take you on an authentic journey through time, using original materials like stone and wood instead of instruments. 🎶

Welcome to the Prehistoric Opera, which will provide an unforgettable experience of this site from the distant past with gestures and themes characteristic of the prehistoric culture of the Lepenska community! 🎭🎵

For company, Music, For adults, Concert

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