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RSD 500

Elitni Jet Set Friday

Friday, May 17th

20:00 – 0:00



What happens when Elite Friday and Jet Set Turbofolk disco meet? What would happen if Vlada and Relja stopped by the infamous tent? We may never find out, or maybe we will - on May 17th at Zappa Barci when we merge our two party hosts and prepare for "Elitni Jet Set Friday" 🚀

This is the party where you will hear all things local, starting with a bit of hip hop and r'n'b from the 2000s, then a bit of the 90s, followed by commercial hits from the 2010s, and then a total debacle with turbofolk, grand, and jetset hits - in one word: "craaazy". Even some newer stuff, we'll see if it rocks us. You always look for Sinan at the Elite party anyway, and at the Turbofolk you hear "Can we have one from the Elite" - well, this time only "EVERYTHING" 🤝🏻

You can find both playlists in the description of our profile, where you can also add more music requests, and we will reward people with the strongest vibe at the party with surprise gifts 👀

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