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RSD 1200

ON, ONA I Corona

Pozorište Teatrijum, Belgrade
Friday, July 12th
19:00 – 20:00


Theater "Teatrijum" (Captain - Mišino's building)

"He, She and the Crown" Evening theater performance "Coronate" tells the story of a young couple deciding to start a life together... Just before the arrival of the Corona in the Balkans. We address our heroes only as "He" and "She", because they are your acquaintances, friends, neighbors, maybe complete strangers, or perhaps even you. With the arrival of quarantine, the toughest test of modern relationships begins. Sentenced to each other, within four walls, their relationship reaches greater depths, but with it come their differences, daily frustrations, mismatched habits, different desires, and completely opposite views. And while chaos reigns at home, outside is no better. Their jobs are on hold, the pandemic rules, and the danger grows day by day. How will our couple overcome the seemingly insurmountable problems that have befallen them? Only time will tell, until then: Coronate! Cast: Bojana Djuraskovic, Marko Milosevic Written and directed by: Bojana Djuraskovic and Marko Milosevic ORGANIZER/SOURCE: Theater Teatrijum

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