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Exhibition "The rotten smell is you"

Galerija Podroom, Belgrade
Friday, July 12th
10:00 – 18:00



Kristina Bajilo, Nikola Balberčakova, Sofija Đovanoti, Đejmi Hadrović, Aja Janković, Work group Merlinka (Pavle Banović, Marija Iva Gocić, Lea Rivka Lapiover, Sara Pantović, Kloe Sasi), Milica Mijajlović Živković, Peni Kej, Džesika Stoja, Zuzana Svatik

Curator: Jelisaveta Rapaić

*At the exhibition opening, a half dance lecture performance by Aja Janković will be performed, starting at 19:30

The second presentation of the exhibition The rotten smell is you, realized in collaboration with the Cultural Center of Belgrade, introduces certain modifications compared to its first realization in Kunsthalle Bratislava (5.9-16.10.2023). The artistic positions have been carefully adjusted to include additional geographies and histories in order to emphasize the void that occurs within the local context. The new edition of the exhibition also emerges as a direct reaction and the urgency of responding to the growing sympathies and ambiguities related to the rise of right-wing movements in the year 2024. By exploring and revealing internal disagreements and generational gap within the feminist movement, this exhibition examines the fundamental issue of appropriation by the right and mirror worlds, post-truth and conspiracy theories. However, The rotten smell is you builds a unique narrative, combining different experiences and perspectives to analyze the divide between third and fourth wave feminists, which is most commonly observed through discourse on transgender identity, sex work, and hyper-femininity.

*In her recent book Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World, Naomi Klein defines the term mirror world, describing our destabilized present full of doppelgängers and confusion; where far-right movements express declarative solidarity with the working class; content generated by artificial intelligence blurs the line between real and fake; New Age entrepreneurs, turned anti-vaxxers, continue to break down our familiar political allegiances; while many of us project our carefully curated digital doubles in the realm of social media.

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