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Improv-show 🎭

Sunday, July 14th

17:30 – 19:30



Our 'oldies' are back in the game! With a new name!

Introducing! The first improv team, Comedy Belgrade - FiftyScenes!

Get ready for bold and explosive improv-comedy sketches 💥 As usual, with no script, all sketches are made up on the spot, and as usual, nobody knows where this will lead us 😁

This time we're trying an experiment: there will be short sketches on stage, as well as one long (but we'll see how it goes), a story that the team will create on the spot.

And you, our beloved audience, as usual, will decide which stories you'll see on stage!

📆 14.7 Sunday ⏰ 19:30 💌 free donation

For more information and registration, visit @comedy_belgrade_bot

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* If you do not find the contacts of the organizers in the event description, then you can buy entrance tickets at the entrance