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Big circus party

Sunday, June 16th

14:00 – 17:30



15-16 June, 16-19:30h

Are you ready to step into the magical world of the circus spectacle?

We invite you to an unforgettable adventure that will take place in the atrium of BIG FASHION Belgrade center on the 15th and 16th of June! Activities that await you include:

Bubble Illusion - Making soap bubble balloons Balloon Mania - Creating balloon figures Dizzy Jugglers" - Learning to juggle Face in Colors - Face painting Costumed Transformation - Costume dressing Circus Games - Accuracy games

Get ready for laughter, fun, and excitement that only a circus can bring!

For teens, For kids

* Translations are done automatically, inaccuracies are possible

* If you do not find the contacts of the organizers in the event description, then you can buy entrance tickets at the entrance