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Lecture "Freud's Jokes". How humor works.

Косовска 32, Novi Sad
Thursday, July 11th
16:30 – 17:30


In July, we are conducting a series of open lectures titled 'Is there life after emigration?'

Events are held as part of a new joint project Idaptation

Introducing the theme of the second lecture: "Freud's Jokes". How humor works

In his famous work 'Humor,' Sigmund Freud deeply analyzes the mechanisms of creating and perceiving jokes, as well as their influence on the human psyche, especially in the context of cultural and social disorientation.

How can irony and laughter become powerful tools for adaptation, self-expression, and self-awareness for immigrants? How do they change their perception of their lives and the surrounding environment? Freud's work not only reveals the subtle aspects of comedy perception but also underscores the transformative power of laughter in the face of the challenges of the migration experience.

The lecture will be given by psychologist Sergey Golygin and clinical psychologist, coach Anastasia Tolstova

We welcome everyone who is interested in looking at their difficulties through the prism of humor. See you ☺️

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