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Exhibition 'Positioning Program' by Đorđe Radović

Dom Omladine, Belgrade
Sunday, August 4th
10:00 – 16:00


Đorđe Radović's first solo exhibition 'Positioning Program' at the Gallery of the Belgrade Youth Center covers themes related to collective memory and persistence of remembrance, but primarily dialogical forms of storytelling and positioning of the painterly fabric where the need for creating works with an open end is examined.

Radović's manuscript rests on intergenre intertwining and the (in)directness of boundaries, while the exhibition title directs us to the importance of preserving found traces from the creative process that have an intense mechanism and where reality is widely shaped. The dioramic mode of communication dominates his exhibition, requiring the viewer to delve into the circular contemplation of nature, therefore we can say that the artist navigated in his visual premises in an elusive manner towards the selection and arrangement of all elements, taking (un)known photographs as his own places of belonging and starting points for his work, in this case oil paintings and digital collages. (...) The harmonious scenes we can see in his works carefully and poetically animate the viewer, allowing them to autonomously imagine about the existing values and landscapes in the autonomy of all the forms used from sincere inner rules. (...) Everything that the artist awakens in anticipation in general visual perception and psychology here is nothing but emphatic and sharp freedom, the one that fully examines...

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