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Scientific Picnic "Think Green"

Saturday, May 18th

9:00 – 17:00



The third Scientific Picnic under the slogan "Think Green," organized by the Science Festival in collaboration with the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade and in partnership with the company Yettel, will take place in the space of the Faculty of Forestry Arboretum on Banovo Brdo on May 17th and 18th, 2024, from 11:00 to 19:00.

At this event, visitors will be presented with scientific stories focusing on biology, ecology, and sustainable development, through interactive exhibits, workshops, and guided tours in collaboration with faculty institutes and civil society organizations.

As the host, the Faculty of Forestry will demonstrate how nature is defended by knowledge through interactive exhibits and workshops designed for children aged seven and older.

The program consists of five parts, through which visitors will have the opportunity to learn about ways to protect river flow and flood defense, with numerous inhabitants who make their shelters within and on trees, as well as how the age of a tree is determined and stories told by tree rings about climate change, why biodiversity is important and how not to disrupt it, but also the characteristics of wood as one of the most prevalent materials today. FOR DŽ - free - vignette (illustration by Aleksandra Prhal)

We also learn about the importance of biodiversity through the program of the Biological Research Society "Josif Pančić," "With whom do we share the environment." Here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of species conservation, the environment, as well as urban and wild ecosystems in Serbia and around the Planet. It is not widely known that plants communicate with each other in a much more advanced way than we are aware of. This is the subject of several interesting Scientific Picnic programs.

The Faculty of Biology will present an interactive exhibit "Speaks everything that is alive, communicates every level!" about means of communication between all living beings, from microorganisms to complex organisms such as plants and animals.

The event partner Yettel will present the story "FOREST.net" about the miraculous, plant languages that we have only just begun to discover! About the incredible theory of an underground network that connects the forest into a community where different trees exchange resources and care for each other.


* Translations are done automatically, inaccuracies are possible

* If you do not find the contacts of the organizers in the event description, then you can buy entrance tickets at the entrance