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Room & Soul Workshop

Silosi, Belgrade
Saturday, July 13th
10:00 – 13:00


Breathe together, you will always be able to apply this breathing exercise that relieves you from stress in just a few minutes.

With closed eyes, we will collect all our joys from childhood to now, so that you can remember them and bring them into the present moment, to see what your soul is happy about and you have completely forgotten about. Of course, even after the workshop with a little practice, you will be able to summon joy into your life on your own. Fantastic, isn't it?! This is a practice they didn't teach us but we should all know it.

Come to a lecture on perhaps the most important and certainly the most useful topic of home decoration and design, MOOD BOARD.

We also have a conversation with Tatjana Popović, whom you probably know as a master of healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle. It will be super interesting to hear her thoughts on home and how she creates joy at home and in life. A treat! @totallywellness

In Silos 3, it will be pleasantly cool, with fine rosé nicely chilled and sugar-free balls, all to stimulate our enjoyment and socializing!

I am waiting for you at the Cultural Center Silos, on July 13th, Saturday, precisely at noon. Love, Lucija ❤️

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