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Art cinema CK13

Omladinski centar CK13, Novi Sad
Wednesday, July 31st
19:00 – 21:00


Art cinema CK13 invites you to a series of films dedicated to Yugoslav love dramas from the 60s of the 20th century, which will be held under the title 'Zagreb-Belgrade-Skopje' from Monday, 29.07. to Wednesday, 31.07. at the Youth Center CK13. Within the cycle, three films will be screened dealing with the city and interpersonal relationships, where a romantic relationship between three people is the foundation of the film. Monday, July 29 9 PM ROUNDABOUT, Zvonimir Berković, 1966. Roundabout is Zvonimir Berković's first feature film dominated by all the rules of the French New Wave. The film presents a love triangle on a chessboard. The action takes place in an apartment, and the dynamics are complemented by dialogues and relationships between characters emphasized through the use of light and a chess game that runs parallel to their (love) lives. Tuesday, July 30 9 PM STRANGE GIRL, Jovan Živanović, 1962. 'Strange Girl' is Živanović's film adaptation of Grozdana Olujić's novel 'Excursion,' for which she also co-wrote the script with Juga Grizelj. It portrays the building of Belgrade gaining a new resident who starts a new life hoping to forget the old one. As Belgrade was being built, one of the first love stories of the Yugoslav Black Wave was unfolding within it. Wednesday, July 31 9 PM MEMENTO, Dimitrie Osmanli, 1967. One of the greatest natural disasters, an earthquake, served as inspiration for this film by Dimitrie Osmanli. The Skopje earthquake and its consequences serve as the main driving force and obstacle between the characters who try to return to their old lives in the new circumstances. Admission is free. Welcome!


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