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RSD 2000

Stretching with MasterSki club

Saturday, May 18th

14:00 – 15:00



Stretching classes - working and stretching the main muscle group. As a result, the tendons become more elastic, the range of motion increases, you feel more energetic and younger. Especially beneficial for white-collar workers.

Regular stretching helps to relax muscles, improve posture and adjust your figure. It is a direct prevention of muscle spasms and possible 'pinching', especially with constant 'sedentary' work.

⏰ Duration of the training - 1 hour ⏱️ Meet at the reception of GK Pobednik 15 minutes before the start⏳, to change clothes, listen to safety instructions and warm up before the training. Please do not be late and bring cash! 🙏

💰2000rsd, including entrance to GK.

💧Wear comfortable sportswear, and it's advisable to have drinking water with you!

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