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Concert on the Wall: The Employed

Friday, July 19th

18:00 – 20:00


The Employed is a rock and roll band from Belgrade. The members have been involved in music since the nineties in several bands, and their involvement in this group officially began in 2019. They have had several performances so far, and are currently in the process of recording studio material.

Đorđe Đorđević was the guitarist of the band CS-1, Mirko Reljanović a drummer in multiple bands. Dušan Jovanović started creating original music after 2010, which he played at several songwriter festivals and poetry evenings (FEST off 2012 at INEX film building, Polet CANTout 2017, Poezin Party 2015, Poetry in Polet 2016, City Poetry at Peron Savamala 2014, TROP VIII at the Reading Room 2016). Since 2017, Dušan has been meeting with drummer Mirko and guitarist-bassist Đorđe with the idea of ​​arranging his songs with a rock and roll band. Since then, the band has changed members, but most of them have remained in collaboration with this core trio.

Teodora Perišić, who plays bass or keyboards, is significantly younger and her arrival marks the beginning of a new phase in the band's musical engagement. The official start of the band's existence The Employed members consider the year 2019, when Teodora joined them, as it was then that the style of music they play crystallized. These are different rhythms combined with hard guitars, piano sections, and melodic lyrics. The lyrics touch on spiritual, as well as social themes, some songs are about love, and some about the general state of human existence.

The Concerts on the Wall, organized by the Youth Center Belgrade since 2013 at the Plateau Milan Mladenović, have become one of the favorite summer cultural programs for all Belgraders and guests of our capital. In the twelfth season, we continue to discover new bands and introduce some old musical acquaintances on the open stage.

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