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Landscape experience. Robert Jankuloski and Monika Moteska


After the successful presentation of the exhibition Landscape Experience by Robert Jankuloski and Monika Moteska at the Pavilion of North Macedonia at the 59th Art Biennale in Venice, in collaboration with the National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia, the exhibition is being presented at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Novi Sad. It is a multimedia project focusing on the exploration of space archaeology, the layers of abandoned and neglected landscapes within the collective culture of memory, and the revitalization of the 'presence of the absent', positioning them in a new context. The relationships between life and death, beauty and ugliness, health and toxicity form the basis of the critical approach to the themes previously addressed by the authors.

"Man is the only being aware of his existence", in the context of existential philosophy -- if we continue with Sartre's reflections on human freedom in terms of personal choice, choosing possibilities, and taking responsibility for events and risks of human existence, a conclusion or contradiction about the meaninglessness or absurdity of human existence is drawn, which is often confirmed through numerous examples throughout human history. The project Landscape Experience by Robert Jankuloski and Monika Moteska examines this theme, as well as many other underlying layers.

The questions they directly pose are focused on the connection of ecology with corporate imperialism, gender perspectives, collective identities, and the importance of decolonizing not only history but also nature. They consider power relationships in society and the dangers posed by mutual struggles through senseless wars (whether explicit or implicit, real or psychological, physical or chemical) and increasingly aggressive neoliberal exploitation and abuse of natural resources. They explore questions of human freedoms, responsibilities, and risks of one's actions, as well as the question of the survival of humanity as a value in modern society. They address accumulated problems, highlighting the importance of establishing a new order that would provide the possibility of overcoming an anthropocentric view of the world. Can beauty be simultaneously insidiously ugly, and can aesthetics become the servant of evil?

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