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Exhibition "#FF0000" by Konstantinos Petrović

Галерея Suluj, Belgrade
Wednesday, July 17th
8:00 – 16:00


Join us for the opening of the solo exhibition "#FF0000" by Konstantinos Petrović, on Wednesday, July 3 at 7 pm at the SULUJ Gallery. The work #FF0000 represents a continuation of the work #FFFFFF in which Konstantinos Petrović, in the form that he creates, draws lines in the designated field, and then notes the data he observed before and after drawing the lines. The equipment, manufacturer, technique, year of creation, year of import, length of equipment usage duration are recorded, but most importantly, the measurement of the length of the line that can be drawn with the given equipment the artist used. As Konstantinos' approach in the series of works #FFFFFF is based on analytical collection, selection, measurement, counting, recording, classifying, and other principles of office work, the work resulting from this is #FF0000 created in 2021 at the Jalovik colony. The principle is almost the same: creating a form, recording the length of the drawn line, but this time the artist gives himself a time frame. Working hour or working day (8 working hours). In that case, the parameters on the form are different. Based on the length of the line, the number of working hours, and the official calculations for measuring the minimum wage per working hour and the minimum wage in the Republic of Serbia, Konstantinos records how much his line costs, or how much the artist's working hour is valued, as well as how, based on these parameters, the minimum price of the resulting artwork can be calculated. — Darija Dragojlović The exhibition is open until July 17. Konstantinos Petrović (1995, Valjevo) is currently in his first year of master's studies in painting at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. He completed his undergraduate studies in mural painting at the Faculty of Philology and Arts. Member of the multimedia center Šok Cooperative as well as SULUV. One of the founders of the citizens' association "Gračka mreža".

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