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RSD 1200

Krčmarica Mirandolina

Thursday, May 30th

18:00 – 19:00



Mirandolina is a story about an irresistible innkeeper, a woman who conquers men with her charisma, seduces them, conflicts with them, pushes them to the edge of existence, to emotional breakdowns. A tale of the dominant female principle, the power of female sensuality and eroticism, the strength of the female mind, and the infallible tactics in conquering even the toughest male hearts. Mirandolina represents the prototype of a woman who, using her virtues, both mental and physical, shapes the world around her as she wishes, determining the fates of numerous men who are enchanted by her. A story of emotional manipulation by a rational and towards the emotional male world, a harsh and uncompromising woman in the pursuit of the female principle prevailing over the male, seeking for woman to become the ruler over seemingly stronger male principle.

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