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RSD 2500

Endless Boogie

Caffe bar Foxtrot, Novi Sad
Thursday, July 11th
18:00 – 20:00


Endless Boogie is a Brooklyn quartet that has been around since '97. They play a mix of blues, boogie, and psychedelia with kraut and stoner rock influences, where the songs are described as 'jam after jam' by Paul Major, the band's guitarist and vocalist. In short - a well-coordinated interaction of two guitars with a hypnotic foundation that rides over and over again until the end, featuring attractive solo parts along with a pulsating rhythm section and sometimes singing, sometimes random, shamanic vocalizations into the microphone where the vocals take on the role of an additional instrument. They have released double-digit number of albums, including several live ones. Endless Boogie songs usually exceed all standards, often lasting over 20 minutes. Endless Boogie, after two appearances in Belgrade, finally comes to Novi Sad on Thursday, July 11th, at Club Foxtrot from 20:00!

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