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Exhibition 'Drugi Svet' by Croatian photographer Borna Bursać

Monday, May 20th

8:00 – 16:00



On Monday, May 13, at 8:00 p.m., the exhibition 'Drugi Svet' by Croatian artist Borna Bursać will be opened at the City Gallery. 'In today's world of accelerated living, we rarely stop and contemplate the beauty of small things and moments that may go unnoticed right before our eyes. 'Drugi svet' is a series of photographs created over the past ten years, some photos are single shots, and some are double exposures shot on film. They were mostly taken in the city of Zagreb and on the island of Korčula in southern Croatia; some photos are a blend of Belgrade and Zagreb in one shot. The idea of the series was to connect the real everyday life with the virtual world we live in. If consciousness stopped in a photogram were to spread like a flowing mass, like a river or a candle in flame, it would be expressed as double time fused into a new world. It is like an interdimensional dream, or some astral space in which everything we know is seen in a new way.' - Borna Bursać Borna Bursać was born in Zagreb where he lives and works, and you may have already encountered his photographs at numerous exhibitions. His works include surrealist double exposures, black and white photographs, street art photography, and long exposures. He has exhibited in Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and Greece. He won third place at the 'Organ Vida' photography festival that discovers new talents year after year, exhibited as part of the PMS gallery opening, participated in a group exhibition in Belgrade as part of the 'Monochromatic World' contest, and his works were part of the exhibition at 'Day D' as part of the 'Reshape Your City' contest, as well as part of the 2nd Biennial of Croatian Young Photography in Zadar and much more. In addition to photography, Borna is also involved in creating wall decor as part of the artistic project Kosti Kosti.

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