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RSD 1000

Bela Garda

Kpgt Pozorište, Belgrade
Saturday, July 20th
19:00 – 20:00



BELA GARDA - Bulgakov / Babel - The play "Bela Garda" was seen by Joseph Visarionovich Stalin 20 times, then he changed the title to "Days of the Turbins". Mikhail Bulgakov had to change the title of the play surrounded by Kiev more than once due to the censor's demand. December 1918. Kiev is entangled between the White Guards and the Red Army, then between nationalist and unhappy soldiers moving East. A new capital is being invested in the South Slavs among themselves - an old military exercise. Streets are in turmoil, brothers, disappointed officers, war penetrates the bed. Unfaithful wife. A ship from which the deserters flee. Betrayals and intrigues. In a time when Krleža admires Gavrilo Princip. Isak Babel's silk handkerchief, he asks if I, a dead Slav, am at all in history without which this continent would be an empty platter for European banquets? Ask all the hungry prophets while the pale sun glistens in dried blood as if sliced by its own rays. And bliss mixed with sorrowful hatred, bitter contempt towards all and towards the wretchedness of humanity. A pomegranate slides to the sky like decapitated. Death riders have a muse to death in their exhausted reins.

Cast: Vahid Džanković, Dina Vukaj, Danilo Klinčar, Strahinja Padežanin, Sanja Petrović, Jovana Spasić, Mirko Jokić, Stevan Šerbeđija, Teodora Miklušev, Milan Pelivanović, Predrag Todorović, Aleksa Arsenović

Costume Design: Elena Nikolaevna Set Design: Marica Kuzmanović Director: Filip Gajić

ORGANIZER/SOURCE: Association for the Development of Arts "VULPE"

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