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RSD 1200


Pozorište Teatrijum, Belgrade
Wednesday, July 17th
19:00 – 20:00


Theater "Teatrijum" (Captain - Mišino building)

Many traditional households still have the situation where the wives of those missing in war continue to live with their husband's family. The drama 'Finger' points out the position of women in such closed patriarchal societies. It is a universal story of the tragedy and brutality of coping with loss and the senselessness of war conflicts. 'The rights over the lives of these women, which once belonged to the husband, now belong to his family. They have no 'private' life at all. Whatever they do could be interpreted as coming directly from the family of her husband, so they must be under control to protect the honor of the family. But what happens if the husband's family consists only of his mother? Is she able to control the situation with a 'firm hand'?' (D. Basha) Without pathos, without daily political clichés, 'Finger' speaks to us about the destiny of women under the burden of traditional relationships, about what happens between the mother and wife of a man missing in war events. These two women have been living together for ten years waiting for him to return, trapped in mutual accusations, rivalry, power struggle, but also immeasurable pain for the lost person they love. The only way to change their situation is to hurt each other. The more they hurt each other, the more alive they feel. These women can no longer be together, nor can either be without the other… Despite the harsh reality, they allow themselves to dream and imagine, because only in dreams do they have complete freedom.

ORGANIZER/SOURCE: Theater Teatrijum

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