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RSD 4800

Workshop •make your own cup•

Saturday, May 18th

13:00 – 15:00



Inviting you to the Workshop •make your own cup• at the Cultural Center Silosi Belgrade on 18.05 at 3pm.

The workshop consists of two separate sessions, the first one involves making the cup, while the second one focuses on painting the previously made and baked cup.

Throughout our gathering, we will introduce you to the world of clay and go through the steps in handcrafting your unique ceramic cup.

At the end of the crafting, you will be able to personalize your cup by imprinting text as desired, and you will have the opportunity to leave your personal mark in an additional painting class 🌸

All materials are provided, just bring good energy. 💡

For registration and additional information, contact @tinclays via DM.

(The two events are spaced 2-3 weeks apart to follow all the crafting steps)

Master class

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