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EUR 200

Workshop on Mechanical Characters - First time in Belgrade!

Chedesign school, Belgrade
Saturday, July 13th
10:00 – 15:00


Lisa Chernobai, an artist-sculptor, will conduct a unique workshop where you will create your own characters and breathe life into them using mechanisms! Lisa herself is the author of mechanical installations both miniature and gigantic (3x5 meters!).

The workshop consists of two parts: sculpting and carpentry and lasts for 2 days!

During this time you will: ✨ Create characters in your own stylistic approach. ✨ Work with wood and a screwdriver - easier than it seems! ✨ Bring characters to life and add animation using gears.

🕛 When: July 13th and 14th From 12:00 to 17:00 📍 Location: chedesign_school_belgrade 💸 200€ All materials included💘 Spots: 5

✍️ Register: @lisalisalisach on Telegram or @lizachernobay on Instagram

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