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Speech Therapist Elena Lyulina

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Speech Therapist Elena Lyulina 🔸 Diagnosis; 🔸 Articulation and pronunciation correction; 🔸 Development of phonemic processes; 🔸 Development of connected speech and vocabulary; 🔸 Development of articulation, fine and gross motor skills; 🔸 Development of speech breathing, voice; 🔸 Formation of grammatical structure of speech; 🔸 Development of higher mental functions (attention, memory, thinking, logic); 🔸 School readiness.

Work experience: more than 10 years Education: MPGU (Moscow Pedagogical State University), master's degree. Reviews about work 📍 Belgrade, Zvezdara district (near Vracar, Tashmaidan), Slobodanke Danke Savic 31. Google Maps link

Sign up for diagnostics: 📲 @Elena_Ljulina

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