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Hello 👋, my name is Katerina and I am a Barber. Yes, with a capital B! I will give you the most beautiful beard and haircut - hundreds of works on my Instagram @baryga_volos

I work in the very center of Belgrade, come to me to get your dream haircut and beard. Please book at least 2 days in advance, thank you 🙂

❗️ Save and don't lose, how to make an appointment:

on Telegram on Instagram +381621134174

I've been in Belgrade for only 2 months and plan to stay forever, so you definitely won't have to change your barber. I'll understand you in any language and create a look that you'll be satisfied with!

Before moving, I lived in Antalya for 2 years, where I had my own barbershop. If you're my client who moved from Turkey and didn't know I was here - welcome, I'll be happy to see you again.

Starting this year, I teach barbers, if you're interested in the topic of immersing yourself in the world of beautiful well-groomed beards and stylish men's haircuts - I wait for DMs. I will teach working professionals how to do it quickly and beautifully while caring for the client.

Sign up now and see you soon 🙌🏻

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