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Classes in Comedy Improvisation

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Connecting with 🎙️COMEDY_BELGRADE and our comedy improvisation coach Leonid Kivatsev!

Leonid teaches how to improvise not only on stage, but also in life.

Improvisation is an art form that is born 'here and now', without prepared scripts and dialogues.

And anyone can learn improvisation!

Classes help:

💚 enhance creative thinking 💚 eliminate the fear of public speaking 💚 not be afraid of mistakes 💚 simply have a fun time 💚💚 and it's also a large community of interesting people in different countries

Sign up for classes! Depending on your level, we will find a group for beginners or advanced improvisers.

See you at the improv!

BEG: Mon 19:30 🌈 RAINBOW MED: Sun 16:00 💃🏼 LatinDanceStudio

Cost: donation of 500+ RSD

📸 Instagram 📜 any additional information and registration in @comedy_belgrade_bot

For adults, Theater, Speaking, Master class, Art, Education

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